Smartphone Vision Enhancement Tech

I’ve noticed a growing number of vision enhancement tech offerings in the last few months, specifically those that augment existing smartphones. Like drones and VR, this tech is still in the primordial phase, but there are some really cool gadgets out already. Below are some of the coolest examples I’ve seen thus far.


The Snooperscope delivers to your smartphone one of the earliest forms of vision enhancement, good ol’ fashioned night vision!


The Flir One is a small, dual lensed device that attaches to the bottom of your smartphone and gives you infrared heat vision…. just like the predator!



The Walabot is another smartphone mountable device that apparently sends out blast of radio waves and measures the reflections to create images. Basically this is Superman’s X-Ray vision! The device claims to be able to supply a number of other types of information as well.




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  1. Casey Otto says:

    When will I be able to see through women’s clothes?

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